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Cancer and school life

This award-winning pack has been developed for schools where a child has been diagnosed with cancer. It is designed to help teachers communicate confidently with schoolchildren about childhood cancer, as well as help pupils understand the illness and how they can support their classmate. The pack contains:

  • A lesson plan
  • Guidance notes to help you prepare for and deliver the lesson
  • Overview of childhood cancer and treatment
  • Factsheet for pupils about childhood cancer and treatment (this can be photocopied)
  • List of useful resources.

The following videos are used in the lesson plans: 

How cancer happens 
How Freyja helped her friend Addie through cancer treatment (Key Stage 2) 
How Andrew's friends helped him through his cancer treatment (Key Stage 3)
How cancer may affect your friend (Key Stage 2) 
How cancer may affect your friend (Key Stage 3) 


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